First GeneXus development framework

Ignia incorporates the design and methodology to enable GeneXus to generate web and mobile environments in a more efficient and productive way.

Design Systems for Web

With Design Systems for Web, you will never have to start writing an application from scratch. Select within the universe of templates the one that best suits your needs. Make the customizations and adjustments that you and your client require. In a few minutes, after you make the settings in Ignia that arise from the requirements of your client, you can show the application in real execution.

Extensibility Catalog

A set of user controls that allow you to extend the functionality of both WEB and mobile applications.

Design Systems for SD

A combination of design and functionality, which facilitates the development and deployment of mobile applications, combining look & feel with the use of common controls for the mobile environment.

WorkWith pattern

With Ignia WorkWith you can create a state-of-the-art data access application with less effort and cost. Developers can focus their efforts on GeneXus business rules, leaving the creation of the WEB and mobile data access environment in the hands of Ignia WorkWith.

Ignia Framework + GeneXus

GeneXus + Patterns = GeneXus 2

GeneXus + Ignia = GeneXus 3

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